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It’s almost impossible the imagine that under all the dog’s shit in this small parking lot,

leis the place where Adolf Hitler kill himself.

This is the place where the horrors of WWII in Europe ended.

Hello, I am Amir, and you are watching the GoOn Berlin guide to memorials in Center Berlin.

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A vacation to the German capitol can be a complicated journey into the darkest moments of human history.

When traveling around the city center, it is impossible to ignore all the memorials to the victims of the holocaust. The German government took it upon itself to educate visitors and locals about the horrors of the Nazi regime. So, it will never happen again.

We start our journey in the Reichstag building. In front of the entrance to the security booth we can see the Memorial to the Murdered Members of the Reichstag. the 96 cast iron plates commemorate the same number of members of the parliament who’s been murdered by the Nazis.

It has been designed so that it can be extended if new names are discovered in the future.

Next to the Reichstag is the entrance to the Tiergarten park, where we can find the “Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism”

The monument is dedicated to the memory of the 500,000 victims of the Nazi genocide of the European Sinti and Roma peoples.

open to the public in 2012 Israeli sculptor Dani Karavan designed the memorial

In the middle of the dark pool, the triangular stone represents the badges that had to be worn by concentration camp prisoners. And a fresh flower is placed upon it daily.

In bronze letters around the edge of the pool is the poem 'Auschwitz' by Roma poet Santino Spinelli.

Information boards surround the memorial and provide a chronology of the genocide of the Sinti and Roma.

When crossing the famous Brandenburg gate, we reach the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The biggest and most well-known memorial in Berlin.

designed by architect Peter Eisenman. It consists of a 19,000 m2 site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs, arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field. The Memorial dedicated the genocide of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.

The abstract memorial has no single meaning or interpretation, and all visitors are welcome to go inside and to get lost between the slabs to find their own individual interpretations.

Just please don’t use the memorial as a playground, don’t stand on the slabs, and don’t take funny, happy, or sexy pictures. Respect the place and the memories it represents and don’t make a fool of yourself (like many other visitors).

Next, we cross the road toward park tiergaten again, where we find another concrete slab erecting from the ground, this is the Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism.

Through the small window we can see a video of a gay couple kissing. Every two years a new video is filmed, showing 2 men or women kissing.

While the number of gay people in concentration camps is hard to estimate, researchers estimate the number of men convicted for homosexuality between 1933 to 1944 at between 50,000 and 63,000.

When we continue walking in tiergarten we reach Memorial and Information Point for the Victims of National Socialist Euthanasia Killings.

From 1940 to 1941 over 70,000 people were murdered under the Action T4 plan. The targets of this genocide were those deemed to suffer from mental or physical illness. After the Third Reich ended the program, the killings continued in Nazi occupied institutions and care facilities. This amounted a death toll of approximately 300,000.

All for the twisted idea of human eugenics and racial hygiene. The goal was to ensure that a new generation would have the most favorable genes, such as those inline with the ideals of the Aryan race.

The memorial provides information about history of the killings, how it is relevant today, and portraits of 10 victims.

In this exact place, Where the memorial stands, the Nazi headquarters for the Action T4 were located. Making this memorial even more powerful and Chilling.

Back in the parking lot, right next the holocaust memorial, there is nothing to see. the place of Hitler’s bunker, where he put an end to his life and to the genocides he conducted, is just an old, neglected parking lot, covered with dog shit.

At the end of April 1945, when he sees his Nazi death machine is doomed for defeat and there is nothing to do about it, Hitler put an end to his life and to

his just recently married wife Eva Braun’s life. Their bodies burned down out side the bunker on this land.

Immense fire scorches the remains of the person who conducted the biggest genocide Europe has ever seen.

And what lest from the place where it all ended is just a neglected parking lot, a place to park the car and go somewhere else. Not a place that can ever be a pilgrimage site.


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