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named after the Royal city of Potsdam, Potsdamer Platz

marks the place where the old city gate to Potsdam stood.

The square is an important traffic intersection in the centre of Berlin and is one of the most favourable placed among visitors in the city.

The square developed in a little more than a century from a suburban crossroad to one of the busiest intersections in Europe and was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II.

After the war, the area of the square was abandoned during the Cold War, because it was adjacent to the Berlin Wall, but after the reunification of Germany the square was rebuilt to a modern commerce and leisure area.

The modern architecture, shops and restaurants attract many visitors who sometimes miss some interesting historical gems, hidden in plain sight.

The most obvious one is a small remnant of the Berlin Wall that stood here for 28 years, making the destroyed square a no-men’s-land. Visitors can read more information about the history of the wall between the old parts of the wall.

A replica of the 2nd traffic light in Europe reminds the visitors about the importance of the square before WWII

and how busy it was that a traffic light has had to be installed here early as 1924.

Next to the entrance to the underground station, a memorial stands at the site were Karl Liebknecht, member of the Reichstag and co-founder of the Spartacus League, organized a demonstration calling for an end to World War I.

Not far from there, we find the last remaining of the type “BT 6” watchtower, the tower was used for monitoring the border strip as well as the ministries close by. today it is one of the last relics from the GDR era and Thanks to the work of volunteers, you can view the tower up close, climb up and learn more about its story.

Back in the main part of potsdamer platz, incorporated into the modern complex of the Sony-Center, are the remains of Hotel Esplanade. one of the most luxurious and celebrated hotels of the German Capital before it was destroyed in bombing raids of WWII.

And behind it we reach the sony center itself!

The impressive complex opened in the year 2000. And houses Sony's German headquarters.

Drink a large glass of good ‘ol German beer while watching the beautiful complex around you.

Potsdamer platz is also a cultural center. A large I max theatre can be found in sony center and one of my favourite museum in town is here too the “Deutsche Kinemathek” – a museum for film and television displays the history of the German cinema, a must visit place for film geeks like myself 😊

On the other side of the square a big theatre is located, this is where the red-carpet events for the important Berlin-Film-Festival are taking place every winter. The Berlinale consider to be one of the most important film festival in the business and attracts many visitors from all over the world.

Right behind the theatre we find the Kulturforum and Philharmonie. The famous concert halls shape in this unique way for ideal acoustics and sound quality. Right next to it, behind the sony-center is the Museum of Musical Instruments.

Not everyone in Berlin is happy with the modern potsdamer platz. Many say the architectural style does not match the rest of the city’s style. And many locals argue it was build for tourist in mind and they have nothing to look for in the ones glories night life hub of Berlin. But like in many places in Berlin when you look a little bit closer you find the real beauty.


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