• Amir Steklov

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Berlin

The 10 things you need to know before moving to Berlin!

This video is for those of you planing to move living in Berlin, Germany.

I hope you will find it informative and funny :-)

1. Visa:

♦Information about visas: https://www.berlin.de/en/tourism/trav...

2. Apartment:

♦ Wesite to look apartments: https://www.wg-gesucht.de/

♦ Another one: https://www.immobilienscout24.de/

3. Language.

4. Friends:

♦ Meetup is a great place to find new friends in Berlin: https://www.meetup.com/

5. Weather.

6. Transportation:

♦ Updated information about fairs: https://shop.bvg.de/index.php/tickets

♦ Get to know the maps and trains: https://fahrinfo.bvg.de/Fahrinfo/bin/...

7. Bureaucracy:

♦ Anmeldung form to fill up: allaboutberlin.com/docs/anmeldung

♦ Aprovel of an apartment: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/fileadmi...

8. Money.

9. Have a plan.

10. don’t be afraid.



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