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Cherry Blossom in Berlin (Sakura)

In this video we will explore the amazing cherry blossom in Berlin. Every spring we experience an incredible Japanese cherry blossom in Berlin, the story behind the origin of the trees is unbelievable like the flowers themself. I will also give you advices on where to go and see for yourself.

The places I recommend to go and enjoy the Sakura are:

* Kirschblütenweg - Right next the train station S Bornholmer (this is also where you can see me talk in the video)

* East Side Gallery - Go to the west side of the gallery, on the riverside you will find the type 2 trees. (this part of the East Side Gallery is not very well known)

* Schwedter Str. (10437 Berlin) - here there are only type A trees, the blossom last only a few days in early spring.

* Volkspark am Weinberg - Is a great place to have a picnic under the sakura trees (type 2).

* Britzer Garten - The park itself is amazing, especially at this time of the year. try to catch the cherry blossom together with the tulips festival that is taking place every year.

* Teltow Lichterfelde - At this place, a big Hanami festival is taking place every year more information in the official web-page: https://www.berlin.de/events/5329152-2229501-japanisches-kirschbluetenfest-hanami.html

* Gärten der Welt - Another beautiful park, here there also a cherry blossom event. At the time of writing this blog the event has passed... But the park is still worth a visit!!


In the video I promised to share with you 3 recipes: salted sakura flowers, white asparagus with salted sakura and Sakura Sake.

Salted Sakura:

Pick up as many sakura flowers as you want, pud them in a clean jar with salt and put weight on it. the flowers need to be squeezed together with the salt. leave for 3 days.

After 3 days, remove the weight. The jar will smell wonderfully with unique aroma. Take the flowers out and squeeze access liquids. Disperse the flowers on a clean surface and let them dry for a day or two.

keep them in a vacuum bag with more salt.

White asparagus with salted sakura:

Peal the thick skin off the asparagus and discard the lower third of the stem.

Put in a Sous-Vide vacuum bag with salted sakura flowers.

Cook the asparagus in the Sous-Vide at 85 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

Remove from the vacuum bag and fry with butter.

Sakura Sake:

This recipe is very easy and straightforward.

Take a big bottle of Sake, remove a cup of sake from it (good excuse to drink it).

Feel the empty space with fresh sakura flowers.

Close the bottle tight and keep for one year in a cool and sark place. (after a year all the flowers will sink down and this is a sign it's ready to drink)

a word of caution: eating to much sakua can be bad for you! eat and drink just a little bit every day.



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