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Berlin on a Budget

How to travel to Berlin on a budget. In this video i will share with you some of my local knowledge about a budget vacation in Berlin. We will be looking at ways you can save money on accommodation, transportation and dining out.


Youth hostels price ranges between 29 to 65 euros.

3 stars hotels are more like 60-100 euros.

- The best way to look for a room or dormitory is to search on Google Maps the key ward "3 stars hotel" or "Hostel" then you will be able to see on the map the price ranges around a certain area in Berlin.

- Another good website is ofcourse www.booking.com, where the prices are most up to date.

- Couch Surfers will be very happy to know there are over 100,000 host in Berlin!

for more detail visit the website: https://www.couchsurfing.com


- For all the information about the Berlin-Welcome-Card visit: https://www.berlin-welcomecard.de/en

There are 3 areas to Berlin: Berlin A is the city center | Berlin B is a around the center | Berlin C is the suburbs of Berlin.

For most visitors only Berlin AB are relevant. Berlin C will be relevant to you in case you will travel to Potesdam city or SFX airport.

Therefor think twice before you buy a transportation ticket Berlin ABC, it might be a waste of money.

To read more about the regular tickets visit: https://shop.bvg.de/index.php/tickets

- Intercity buses are very popular and to plan your trip I would recommend you to look for deals on these websites:



Those are the most popular website for booking buses in Europe.

- Sharing a car with other travelers is a fantastic option to meet new friends as well as travel around Germany at the lowest price as you only pay your part of the fuel cost.

The most popular to find a shared car is: https://www.blablacar.de/

Food & Drinks:

The Turkish kebab in this video is "Rosenthaler Grill und Schlemmer- Bufet Döner"

address: Torstraße 122, 10119 Berlin

My favorite kebab is a Labanonies shawarma "Maroush"

address: Adalbertstraße 93, 10999 Berlin

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant is "Miss Saigon"

address: Skalitzer Str. 38, 10999 Berlin



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